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MILEMATE! is the application that manages all aspects relating to the project control activities.

Born from multiple worldwide experiences in the EPC projects management, MILEMATE! is the indispensable solution designed to meet any needs for the physical progress, accounting reporting, quality documentation management and the handover procedure for each job.

MILEMATE! is useful for any project providing endless logical views and progress weighing methods; his goal is to minimise the inputs and maximise the reporting according to all project’s stakeholders requirements.

With MILEMATE! is possible to easily manage:
  • Physical progress
  • Accounting progress (for active and passive lump sum projects)
  • Quality certificates monitoring (mechanical completion activities)
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning handover checkpoints
  • Accounting work in progress status (for active and passive unit rates projects)
  • Yield analysis
  • Project costs